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At Flora Remedia, we base our oil therapy method (OTM) products on the concept of the healing energy found in nature and the ritual of self-care. We don’t make ordinary products. Our infusions are made to work on a physical and emotional level. We use specific blends of emotion balancing flower essences. We then combine these tinctures with natural oils and essential oils. We provide convenient, natural and effective solutions to a range of treatable emotional and physical issues.

Our transformative products are effective & convenient. We give you the power to embrace mind-body wellness without having to overhaul your lifestyle.

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Our Founder

Whilst working globally in the modelling industry for more than a decade, being a human tester for hundreds of different moisturizers, make-up brands, hair and body care products was a day-to-day reality for Maddy. Throughout this time Maddy learned that more often than not, natural products provided the best results on both her outer beauty and inner wellbeing. Furthermore, chemical based products were commonly ineffective, superficial and damaging to her skin.

These experiences inspired Maddy to create Flora Remedia. Flora’s vision is to provide holistic remedies that help you to achieve great health and beauty whilst balancing your emotions with transformative flower essences. With this holistic view of the mind & body, Flora’s treatments are specifically designed to help you stay looking your best throughout your day whether it be with work, travel, family or leisure activities whilst supporting your state-of-mind.

“You often feel your best when you look your best and vice-versa”.
In Maddy’s experience finding this balance to determine what she can get out of herself and in turn, what she can provide to others has been the most important factor of Flora’s success thus far.

Fill your body and mind with the transformative power of nature and see and feel the instant results for yourself. It’s just self-care, but the results are extraordinary.

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