Baby Wipes Safety and How to Make Homemade Natural Wipes

Baby wipes are mothers’ bestfriend! As the name implies, they are commonly used to clean babies. They are very handy, easy to use and so economical. True indeed that these baby wipes are so convenient to use, especially when you’re…

6 Immediate All Natural Remedies for Fever

Actually, having fever is considerably a ‘good’ thing. It usually goes away within a few days. But then again, fever can make you feel uncomfortable and weak. And most of you want to be relieved from it, as soon as possible to feel better. Usually,…

Air-popped Popcorn, A Healthy Snack?

Everybody just love eating popcorn when going to the movies, or when you fire up your DVD player to watch a late night flick with family or with your sweetheart at home. But probably many of you don’t know that this is a considerably healthier…

Top 6 Health-Risk Substances in Cosmetics

Beauty comes at a price, and we’re not talking about the monetary expense of make-up. But the potential dangers to your health.

3D Food Printing – The Revolutionary Food Tech Trend

3D Food Printers are machines which create layer by successive layer to form a whole 3D piece.

All About Bra Size - Why You Need to Have a Good-fitting Bra for your Health's Sake

Most women buy bras for aesthetics. More often than not, women just want to look and feel sexy and bras are women’s favorite item to use for expressing their sexuality. Women are especially partial to those which are made of lace, net…

Feminine Wash and Douching - Is it Safe?

Personal hygiene is synonymous with better health. It is probably the most effective way to protect yourself from any health problems --- just be clean and you are good to go! To add, having proper hygiene boosts your self-confidence and…

How to Keep Mosquitoes Away Naturally

Insect bites like that of mosquitoes are very itchy, plus the redness and swelling --- it can be a huge bother. The bite can make you feel uneasy and irritable, that sometimes you would scratch it again and again until it gets infected. Furthermore,…

Pink Himalayan Salt - What about it?

You might have heard about this unique and prime salt from Himalayas Mountain Range. It is known for its nutritional and therapeutic qualities.. Its uses are overwhelming --- from body scrubs, bath soaks, water flush and salt inhalation…