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How to have quality sleep, rest, and recovery

Sleep is everyone’s basic need. Putting your body at rest in between sheets for at least six to eight hours is heaven.

The Health Risks of Skinny Jeans and Tight Pants

Skinny jeans do have a place in fashion but there are serious health risks associated to regularly wearing them.

Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Your mom or wife deserves something special --- something that she will appreciate. Here are some gift ideas this mother's day.

11 Breakfast Meals Around the World

Food is a huge part of culture and you are certainly curious of what other countries have for their breakfast meals. You will be amazed!

Before and After Meal Habits

We need to optimize our digestion and make most of the nutrients we consume and what you do after a meal has a significant effect on the process of digestion and metabolism of food.

How to Get Your Kids to Eat Vegetables

What is with these veggies that kids find so disgusting? Here are some tips to get your children to eat vegetables.

10 Health Foods to Get your Sexy On

These foods can turn the heat up in your intimate relationships. Natural and healthy, these foods can improve sex appeal and vigor.

Hair and Skin Care This Fall

As summer fades away and the air is getting drier, your hair and skin start to become dull too. During fall season, it is important to switch to a different beauty regimen best suited for the season. For Your Skin Exfoliate, Moisturize…

Essential Oils For Your Nails

Some oils are safe to use directly. Proper application is key to improve nourishment of growing nails under the cuticle.