Hi-Technology in Food Service Industry - What's New?

Tech companies introduce innovations and this happens across all industries – gaming, social media, news, weather, sports, robotics, and in food.

Running, an Outlet for Stress

Exercise does not only keep you in shape, it also reduces stress and running is one of the most basic of exercises and easiest to do. Running is a mainly considered as a cardiovascular exercise and a major fat burner --- helps get rid of…

Health and Beauty Benefits of Acai Berry

Superfoods --- you know them and you need to try all of them. You probably have grown some of them in your own garden. Some have made a business out of them and at the same time experiencing the numerous health benefits they provide. Every…

World’s Most Luxurious Desserts

Do you know that there are ridiculously expensive desserts? So ridiculous that you would ask why these things even exist.

Tight Ponytails - Negative Effects and Treatment

The hairstyle makes or breaks your overall look… and there are hundreds of styles --- from the most elaborate ones to the casual and comfortable. And one of the most common and easiest hairdos is the ponytail and this is mainly due…
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What is Marjoram Plant and Essential Oil

Are you familiar with marjoram essential oil and its wonderful health benefits? This oil is extracted from Origanum marjorana plant...
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How to have quality sleep, rest, and recovery

Sleep is everyone’s basic need. Putting your body at rest in between sheets for at least six to eight hours is heaven.

The Health Risks of Skinny Jeans and Tight Pants

Skinny jeans do have a place in fashion but there are serious health risks associated to regularly wearing them.

Gift Ideas for Mother's Day

Your mom or wife deserves something special --- something that she will appreciate. Here are some gift ideas this mother's day.