What is Aquatic Therapy

Properties of water – buoyancy, viscosity, resistance and hydrostatic pressure – create a perfectly safe environment for healing and rehabilitation.
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Natural Scents for Your Home

Housekeeping is not just about organizing and tidying stuff up. A house might look clean but not necessarily feel like it. If it looks clean, it should also smell like it.

What is Stone Massage Therapy?

Stone massages are given by massage therapist incorporating either heated or chilled stones. These stones are placed on particular points of the body.

How to Make a Peel-off Mask with Activated Charcoal

Charcoal is the stuff that you need in your barbecue party. But very few know that it is a highly effective detoxifying substance.

Dragon Fruit: Benefits of the Super Fruit

Also known as Pitaya, the center of the Dragon Fruit is creamy white or fuchsia-colored flesh, dotted with tiny black seeds which gives way to many rich and natural properties.

Yoga and Meditation: Practice, Purpose, and Benefits

Yoga encourages your mind to rest and your body to recharge. Enhance both of your abilities to concentrate and to relax.
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More Coffee Face & Homemade Body Scrub Recipes

most of the ingredients for the coffee face scrub recipes are all in your kitchen, so it’s not hard to make one. So what are you waiting for?

Coffee Scrub for Skin Care

The world’s most popular stimulant, coffee, can be used as a beauty scrub and one that is so effective, you’d wonder why you haven’t been using it before

The Power of E: Miracle Skin Vitamin

Vitamin E is recommended as a skin supplement. it should be ingested orally thru food or drug and as a topical application on skin for holistic effect.