Underarm Deodorants, Harmful or Not?

Actually sweat is odorless. The stench is caused by the bacteria reacting with sweat, in relation to the person’s lifestyle and other environmental factors.
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Premature Grey Hair: Causes and Prevention

Seeing your grey hair for the first time may make you feel old. To some the appearances of silver hairs probably are the biggest nightmare of all. Other people would take it in stride and even consider it as a sign of wisdom or experience. But…
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Natural Relief for Pregnancy Discomforts

The excitement of pregnancy can be overshadowed by the discomforts associated by the condition. Here's how to manage pregnancy-related inconveniences

9 Healthy Travel Snacks

Whether you are traveling by plane, automobile, boat or train --- it is best to prepare your healthy on-the-go snacks.
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6 Natural Remedies for Scars

Here are the natural remedies to get rid of scars from cuts, acne, stretch marks from pregnancy or due to weight changes and incision due to surgery.

When you hate cardio but want to lose weight...

Unless if you are real fan of skipping or jogging, it gets tedious and dull. Here Are Effective Weight Loss Exercise Programs for Cardio Haters

What is Aquatic Therapy

Properties of water – buoyancy, viscosity, resistance and hydrostatic pressure – create a perfectly safe environment for healing and rehabilitation.
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Natural Scents for Your Home

Housekeeping is not just about organizing and tidying stuff up. A house might look clean but not necessarily feel like it. If it looks clean, it should also smell like it.

What is Stone Massage Therapy?

Stone massages are given by massage therapist incorporating either heated or chilled stones. These stones are placed on particular points of the body.