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How to keep your mind and memory sharp

Don't forget to take care of your memory. Memory lapses are often caused by neurological deterioration or abuse, or simply put it... by getting old.
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Fruit-Infused Water makes Hydration Interesting Again

Make drinking water sensational and remove the blandness. Drink the new idea called “Fruit-Infused Water”!

Natural Body Hair Removal Treatment

Hair is everywhere and perhaps in some parts we do not want hair to grow. Evolutionarily-speaking, hair’s main function is to protect parts of our body and serve as means to keep us warm on sensitive areas. Body hair is essential in…

Plant-based Meat and Protein is the New Food Revolution

Lately, there is plenty of focus on vegetarianism and plant-based diets. It has been established that plants are great sources of protein as well.

Soup Detox. Cleansing the Body Through Souping.

Another popular method is through souping or ‘soup detox’ and this cleansing method is trending at the moment.

What is Wellness Travel? Do you need it?

Wellness travel is all about putting your health at the forefront of your trip, without compromising the opportunity to explore the place has to offer.

Super Seeds - Best Things Come in Small Packages

They say “Sometimes best things come in small packages”, this is so true with plant seeds. They are tiny in size but super-packed with essential nutrients needed by the body. They are ideal to add to your daily meal to ensure you’re eating…
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Health and Fitness Trends to Look for in 2017

Start embracing the upcoming year like a breath of fresh air, let’s look at the health and fitness trends expected this year 2017.

Collagen, essential for health and appearance of your skin

Today, collagen is a very popular nutritional supplement. It has been incorporated in lotions, shampoos, and eye masks to diminish lines or wrinkles.