Natural Beauty: The greatest DIY body/face scrub ever invented in history

Below is a recipe for the most simple face scrub you could have. And one of the most inexpensive. Only 3 ingredients. It is oil based so if you're like me and have skin that can get dryer than the Sahara desert - then this one's for you.

Why natural perfume?

Choose a natural perfume that has the benefits of quality natural therapeutic essential oils which have positive effects on our mind and body.

Miraculous mood balancing flower essences

Flower essences are one of the simplest and most direct ways of changing emotional outlook.

Nourishing broth recipe

It's great for your gut, inhibits infections AND promotes healthy joints courtesy of compounds extracted from the boiled down cartilage.

Homage to Rose Hydrosol

It is quite likely that this guy is one of the most under-appreciated, highly working liquids out there. Not only will rose hydrosol cleanse your skin, work as a natural setting spray over your makeup, remove makeup, prevent wrinkles, reduce…