Spinach Extract Against Hedonic Hunger

Food cravings — we all have that at one time or another especially when you’re pregnant. They are difficult to deal with especially if you want to lose wait or control your food intake.

Food that are rich in carbs and fats is the worst enemy of people who follow a strict diet. Read more


7 Wonders of Carom Seeds

Another spicy plant is increasingly becoming popular. This mainly of the health benefits it offers in addition to its culinary uses.

It is from the family Apiaceae – Trachyspermum ammi or known as Ajwain plant. It originated and still grows in many areas of India. Read more


6 Foods Your Brain Does Not Like

Your brain is the leader of your body. The brain manages and facilitates all the bodily functions. So as a leader, it is just right and very important to stay it functional and healthy. Read more


Looking Forward to Health & Fitness Trend this 2018

Every year, new trends are discovered inevitably, especially those which can bring something positive for your overall wellness.

Here they are: Read more


Everything You Should Know About Intermittent Fasting

What is Intermittent Fasting?

Is this just hype or is it really a beneficial method of weight management?

Intermittent fasting is buzz right now — particularly in the world of fitness and fat loss. The reason why it is so popular today: SIMPLE yet very EFFECTIVE.

In essence it is not a diet, but the timing of your meals. You can then incorporate your preferred diet within the parameters of your ‘timing’.

You basically choose a time window for fasting and the remaining time of the day will be the eating window. It doesn’t change WHAT you eat, but rather changes WHEN to eat. Read more


8 Awesome Herbs to Grow

You’re maybe familiar with most herbs. You may grow some of them in your garden. For sure, you know that many of these herbs offer various health benefits, distinctive flavors, and fascinating aromas. Perhaps you are now enjoying such wonderful gifts of nature in one way or another.

Eventhough you’re acquainted with most of them, there are still other herbs (some are fairly uncommon) that you may not have encountered or even know.

Considering the number of herbs in the world, it’s natural to miss out on some herbs with powerful health benefits.

Here are some of them: Read more

Food Trends We Expect in 2018

Over the last year, you’ve seen a wide range of food craze (drinks too) which changed your attitude towards eating and lifestyle.

As the new year approaches, new food trends are expected.

This year we expect more alternative methods, substitutes, and newer flavors. 2018 will be focusing more on environmentally-friendly ways of consuming agricultural products.

These are the forecast on new food obsessions and new trends that will rise to prominence. Expect more eye-catching food this coming new year as well as surprising concepts that will blow your mind — and tastebuds. Read more


Upcycling, the Latest Food Trend

These past years, the food industry has been focusing on different important aspects in food — culinary strategies, innovative foodservice technologies, and modern marketing. Read more


Fruits for Your Face

Fruits are recommended to be a part of your daily diet.

You have probably heard this a number of times,

‘A(n) [insert fruit here] a day keeps the doctor away.’

This is not just some quip. There’s truth to this — regular fruit eaters are generally healthier than people who are not. Read more


Vegan Lifestyle, Why go for it?

Today, heart diseases and cancer rates are getting high. These resulted mostly from unhealthy lifestyle and consumption of processed food products.

In a busy city, ready-to-eat food and flavored drinks are extensively available. Yes, they can fill you up and satisfy your taste buds at an instant but most of them are loaded with harmful ingedients which could chip away your health. Before you know it, you are already a candidate for lifestyle-related diseases. Read more

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How to improve mental health through nutrition and exercise

Mental health is the state of psychological well-being which includes your emotional, psychological, and social well-being.

It affects your way of thinking, how you feel, how you respond, how you cope, and how you interact with others.

So, keeping your mind healthy at every stage of your life is very important, from childhood, to adolescence and to adulthood and even later years of life. Read more


Honey and all its Health Benefits

Honey had already been popular centuries before modern civilization begun. For centuries, it has been used by many cultures around the world. It served various purposes – in religious ceremonies, embalming the deceased, medical treatments and of course, used in cooking food preparation.

In Germany, it is know as Honig; in Italy, it’s Miele; India, Shahad; France and Spain, it’s called Miel; Portugal, Mel; and in Denmark, it’s Honing. Read more


Top 7 Fruits You Shouldn’t Peel

Eating fresh fruits everyday is vital to your health, that’s no secret. They are excellent sources of important nutrients for your physical and mental wellness.

Because of this fact, fruits are always included in your daily diet. But sometimes, you missed on how to eat these fruits the right way.

Mostly, you peel fruits as a traditional way of preparing them, and these skins end up in the compost or in trash cans. You know what you did? You just stripped away a layer of the fruit which has great nutrient value.

To understand better, here are some facts why you need to consume the following fruits without peeling the skin off. Read more


Healthy Halloween Treats – Organic Candies

Trick-or-treating is one event which kids love and enjoy to do during Halloween. They love dressing up into different costumes, doing face painting and applying scary makeup.

Children are very excited to hop from one house to another, doing tricks or collecting candy treats. Speaking of candy treats, every year you usually prepare candies just bought from nearby grocery stores or candy shops to avoid any hustle-bustle during halloween. Read more


How Nutritious is Black Rice

Oryza sativa or commonly known as rice, has different varieties – most popular ones are white rice, brown rice and red rice. The rare type is the black rice.

Black rice is an ancient grain in Asian countries. It is known as the forbidden rice, because way back  in China thousands of years ago, only the emperor or wealthy families could eat black rice. Read more


Vervain, the Healing Herb

Vervain is a verstile herb. It belongs to Verbenacea plant family with a botanical name of Verbena officinalis.

Others call it with names like Juno’s Tears, Pigeon’s Grass, Wild Verbena or Wild Hyssop. Other varieties of vervain are Verbena Hastata (blue vervain) and Verbena Urticifolia (white vervain).

Vervain is native to the Mediterranean region in Europe, but grows wildly on bare and dry grounds often along roadsides. It is a slim plant with hairy leaves alternatively arranged in a square-like stem and with a beautiful lilac-colored flowers. Read more


Matcha Green Tea Face Mask DIY – Exfoliate Face Naturally

Today we are going to be making a Matcha Face Mask. This, again, is super easy, You probably already have the ingredients at home.

Matcha, on the other hand, can be hard to find. You can get it from a health food store. Otherwise, buy it online and that’s quite easy. Read more

Air-popped Popcorn, A Healthy Snack?

Everybody just love eating popcorn when going to the movies, or when you fire up your DVD player to watch a late night flick with family or with your sweetheart at home.

But probably many of you don’t know that this is a considerably healthier snack you’re not eating frequently enough. Popcorn is more than a movie buddy — it’s a health snack.

Yes its true! Tasty and guilt-free popcorn is a healthy whole grain food that is low in calories and high in fiber. Not the one drenched with butter, coloring, additives and different flavors; but the plain and air-popped popcorn. Read more

3D Food Printing – The Revolutionary Food Tech Trend

Preparing food is a fundamental daily human activity. Shaped by geography and culture, the preparation of meals vary. The way we cook and serve differ from one culture to another. Read more


Karela – Bitter is Better

Karela (Momordica charantia) is a unique fruit-vegetable food. It derives from a flower and usually bears seeds, and in culinary classification, any part of a plant can be a vegetable – roots, stems, flowers, fruits and leaves.

But whether it’s a fruit or a vegetable, one thing is certain. Karela is a healthy food. Read more


5 Quick and Easy DIY Beauty Treatments

Now, your kitchen is not just a place to prepare your favorite dishes, but also your source of DIY beauty ingredients.

Cacao VS Cocoa, What’s the difference? Which is Better?

Cacao and Cocoa may sound the same and may mean the same thing to you, Chocolates!

But there are several differences between these cacao and cocoa other than their spelling. Each of them has its own unique taste, as well the health benefits and cost. Yes, even though they both came from the same source — the Theobroma cacao tree. Read more

Tahini Paste for Health and Weight Loss

Tahini is a paste made from ground sesame seeds. Sesame seeds, as you might already know, are packed with vitamins and minerals especially the type with outer hull intact.

Removing the hull also removes most of its nutrients.

Tahini is considered to be one of the oldest condiments in the world and plays an important role in cooking sweet and savory cuisines particularly in the past. Using Tahini now is definitely a very good thing since this paste offers amazing health benefits like other super foods such as walnuts, flax seed, and others.

Read more

Plant-based Milk Alternative

When it comes to buying milk, you usually pick the one with most nutrients, the tastiest, with minimal processing and which can be used in most of your cooking.

Nowadays, plant-based milk substitute is gradually taking over and there is no sign of slowing down. There are dozens of brands and options to choose from. It is just a matter of meeting your preferences. Read more

Spelt – The Healthy Ancient Grain

Have you heard of the grain, spelt?

Spelt (Triticum spelta) is one of the oldest cultivated crops in the history. It belongs to a family of wheat and usually known as dinkel wheat in Germany, farro wheat in Italy, or hulled wheat because it is covered by a tough outer husk or hull which protects the grain against disease-carrying insects and toxic pesticides; preserving the freshness and nutritive value of the grain. Read more

Flavored Water – A New Kind of Hydration

Are they really healthy?

In your visit in the supermarket or convenience store, you may notice that there are varieties of bottled and flavored water on the aisle. If you are one to study nutritional facts, it would take time analyzing the best healthy beverage for you.

Flavored water is specially made for people who dislike the taste of pure spring water or to bored to drink plain water. It offers an alternative to hydrate your body.

The word “flavored water” might be interesting or may appear healthy, but you should take note of the ingredients as they vary from bottle to bottle and some might be harmful which can affect your health.

It has gained popularity in the market because they were advertised as having zero to low calorie content and some were fortified with vitamins and minerals. Read more

Hi-Technology in Food Service Industry – What’s New?

Technology changes lives. It’s given and the changes are at a brisk pace. Do you know that the first iPhone was released just barely a decade ago?

Leading tech companies introduce more and more innovations every now and then and this happens across all industries – gaming, social media, news, weather, sports, robotics, and in food.

Services thru ‘Apps’ are the thing nowadays. We now have apps for everything everything — car service, fitness and nutrition guide, sports tracking, and a lot more. This includes food services.

Food manufacturers, restaurants, among others maximize their business with the implementation of apps. The most common of which, is that customers are using apps to make reservations, order food and later signing credit card bills with their fingers on touchscreens.

Here are other examples of high technology being used in food industry: Read more


Health and Beauty Benefits of Acai Berry

Superfoods — you know them and you need to try all of them.

You probably have grown some of them in your own garden. Some have made a business out of them and at the same time experiencing the numerous health benefits they provide.

Every year, more and more organic products with marvelous effects to your health are being discovered. One of the most notable in recent memory is the Acai Berry. Read more

World’s Most Luxurious Desserts

No one can deny that cloud nine feeling after eating a sweet decadent dessert!

For most of us, desserts are eaten after a hearty meal. There are cheap desserts for a quick sugar fix but do you know that there are ridiculously expensive desserts? So ridiculous that you would ask why these things even exist.

Below are the 5 most luxurious desserts which have gained popularity globally. Read more

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What is Marjoram Plant and Essential Oil

Are you familiar with marjoram essential oil and its wonderful health benefits?

This oil is extracted from Origanum marjorana plant and usually use as treatment oil for individuals with sleep apnea along with other essential oils with the same effect.

But there are more benefits that marjoram oil can offer. Discover what these are.

About Marjoram Plant

Marjoram plant is an herb cultivated in the Mediterranean region. The ones called ‘sweet marjoram’ is the Origanum marjorana specie. It is always confused with ‘wild marjoram’ oregano.

Both plants have a lot in common, since they belong in the same genus, the Origanum. Sweet marjoram has a finer texture and milder mint flavor while oregano has robust scent and flavor. Because of their likeness, oregano is the common substitute of marjoram in some treatment oil mixture.

Sweet marjoram oil is usually yellow green in color, warm, spicy and with camphor-like aroma. To add, another variety is the Spanish marjoram oil which has a red-orange color.

According to history, Greeks and Romans called marjoram “joy of the mountain” and used to offer this oil to Aphrodite, the goddess of love. This led to most of them to use this oil as a love potion.

Uses and Benefits

Today, sweet marjoram oil focuses on health and culinary purposes.

Healthwise, marjoram oil is used to:

Improve Cardiovascular Health
Smelling of marjoram essential oil is an effective vasodilatation. It reduces cardiac strain and decreases blood pressure by lowering sympathetic nervous system and stimulating parasympathetic nervous system.

Reduce Muscle Tension
Most massage therapists add marjoram oil in their lotion or massage oil to relieve muscle tightness as well as headache caused by tension.

It is packed with natural therapeutic properties which calms both body and mind. You can add marjoram oil to your bathwater, or try diffusing it in your home to alleviate stress and relax your mood.

Blend with other essential oils
Blend excellently with other oils to induce calming, relaxing and sedative effects on the whole body. It works effectively for those who find it difficult to have a goodnight sleep.

Treat Other Health Issues
Majoram essential oil has been shown to have positive results in treating cough, runny nose, dizziness, and migraine.

In the culinary aspect, sweet marjoram fresh or dried leaves and flowers are popularly added to most common dishes like soups, salads and other recipes.

For medicinal purposes, this herb is safe to be taken by mouth but only for a short period of time. If taken for a longer durations, it may encourage cancer cell growth.

Take note if you are allergic to oregano, then you’re probably allergic to marjoram as well.
Always check with your doctor if you have any health concerns before taking marjoram products.