Laughter, Is it Really Good for the Heart?

It’s no doubt that daily stress and struggles can greatly affect your physical condition especially your heart. They increase the risk of having heart problems if you don’t know how to manage them.

It’s not easy to see the funny side of life if you are in dire circumstances, or when things doesn’t turn out the way you want them to be.

Just remember,

“Every cloud has a silver lining.” Read more


Is Reiki real and is it effective?

Reiki is known to be a natural and safe spiritually-guided healing method. It originated from Japan in which the system has been passed on from several generations up to the present grandmasters. Read more

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Balneotherapy – Facts and Benefits


Another alternative medical practice becoming popular today is Balneotherapy, also known as Hydrotherapy.

‘Balneo’ is derived from the greek word, ‘balneae’ which means bath. Read more


Crystals and Stones for Healing

Nowadays, many have switched to natural healing methods such as herbal, organic, and crystals.

Yes, precious gems, stones, and crystals were no longer mined just for decorative purpose. They are now being collected as tools or resource for healing — to cure physical, emotional and mental ailments. Read more


6 Foods Your Brain Does Not Like

Your brain is the leader of your body. The brain manages and facilitates all the bodily functions. So as a leader, it is just right and very important to stay it functional and healthy. Read more

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Most Luxurious Spa Treatments

The demand for spa treatments has never dwindled. In fact, spa products and services increase in numbers at a very remarkable rate. They have been sprouting everywhere. Read more


5 Herbs for Promoting Hair Growth

Losing your hair is like losing your crown. It causes discomfort and so heartbreaking. Because of these, you take so much effort looking for effective solutions to prevent falling hair and of course, ultimately, baldness. Read more


How Much Water Should You Be Really Drinking Every Day

When it comes to hydration, tt has been widely accepted that you should follow the 8 by 8 rule – eight 8-ounce glasses of water (about 2 liters or half a gallon) per day. This has been the rule — we embraced this rule like it’s doctors’ prescription. Read more


Everything You Should Know About Intermittent Fasting

What is Intermittent Fasting?

Is this just hype or is it really a beneficial method of weight management?

Intermittent fasting is buzz right now — particularly in the world of fitness and fat loss. The reason why it is so popular today: SIMPLE yet very EFFECTIVE.

In essence it is not a diet, but the timing of your meals. You can then incorporate your preferred diet within the parameters of your ‘timing’.

You basically choose a time window for fasting and the remaining time of the day will be the eating window. It doesn’t change WHAT you eat, but rather changes WHEN to eat. Read more


How to Prevent and Treat Cracked Heels

Your heels are as sensitive as your other body parts. You put a lot of pressure on them, and when it is too much, you’d feel the stabbing pain — it’s them saying they’re hurt.

If the pressure goes on, heels will expand sideways and crack. Read more


Ear Candling for Ear Wax Removal – Is It Effective?

Each ear has a canal that produces oil called earwax or cerumen in medical terms. This earwax, actually, protects your ear from dust, foreign particles, and from microbes trying to get inside your ear.

But sometimes, build up of this wax can sometimes cause serious ear problems. It can harden and block the ear canal and may cause more serious damage to the ear.

When this happens, you have to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Read more

Crystal-Infused Health and Beauty Products: Women’s New Obsession?

Women just love following the latest trends. Whether its fitness, food, beauty and style — when it is trendy, they’re ready.

In the previous articles, you’ve read about natural-based cosmetics, superfood-infused beauty products, and other products which are synthetic-free and not harmful to anyone’s health. Read more


8 Awesome Herbs to Grow

You’re maybe familiar with most herbs. You may grow some of them in your garden. For sure, you know that many of these herbs offer various health benefits, distinctive flavors, and fascinating aromas. Perhaps you are now enjoying such wonderful gifts of nature in one way or another.

Eventhough you’re acquainted with most of them, there are still other herbs (some are fairly uncommon) that you may not have encountered or even know.

Considering the number of herbs in the world, it’s natural to miss out on some herbs with powerful health benefits.

Here are some of them: Read more


Upcycling, the Latest Food Trend

These past years, the food industry has been focusing on different important aspects in food — culinary strategies, innovative foodservice technologies, and modern marketing. Read more


Fruits for Your Face

Fruits are recommended to be a part of your daily diet.

You have probably heard this a number of times,

‘A(n) [insert fruit here] a day keeps the doctor away.’

This is not just some quip. There’s truth to this — regular fruit eaters are generally healthier than people who are not. Read more


Vegan Lifestyle, Why go for it?

Today, heart diseases and cancer rates are getting high. These resulted mostly from unhealthy lifestyle and consumption of processed food products.

In a busy city, ready-to-eat food and flavored drinks are extensively available. Yes, they can fill you up and satisfy your taste buds at an instant but most of them are loaded with harmful ingedients which could chip away your health. Before you know it, you are already a candidate for lifestyle-related diseases. Read more


Health and Fitness This Holiday Season? It’s Not Impossible

It’s Christmas Time!

Streets are getting busy with shoppers, decorations, parties, and festive food.

Since ‘tis the season to be jolly,  it means you’ll be spending extra money and time to achieve your own idea of a perfect Christmas with family and friends.

During the holidays you are likely to overdo eating and drinking, which means fitness and your waistline will take the back seat. You’ll find yourself struggling to stay focus in maintaining your diet and how to insert workouts in your busy holiday schedule.

What do you expect right? Read more


Honey and all its Health Benefits

Honey had already been popular centuries before modern civilization begun. For centuries, it has been used by many cultures around the world. It served various purposes – in religious ceremonies, embalming the deceased, medical treatments and of course, used in cooking food preparation.

In Germany, it is know as Honig; in Italy, it’s Miele; India, Shahad; France and Spain, it’s called Miel; Portugal, Mel; and in Denmark, it’s Honing. Read more


Top 7 Fruits You Shouldn’t Peel

Eating fresh fruits everyday is vital to your health, that’s no secret. They are excellent sources of important nutrients for your physical and mental wellness.

Because of this fact, fruits are always included in your daily diet. But sometimes, you missed on how to eat these fruits the right way.

Mostly, you peel fruits as a traditional way of preparing them, and these skins end up in the compost or in trash cans. You know what you did? You just stripped away a layer of the fruit which has great nutrient value.

To understand better, here are some facts why you need to consume the following fruits without peeling the skin off. Read more


Essential Oils, Perfect Christmas Gift for Dads and Husbands

Dads and husbands, as men of the house, are often very busy to keep the family and the entire house functioning. Aside from work, they do plenty of stuff at home like fixing things, painting, plumbing, gardening among others.

As appreciation, you would want to give him the perfect present — something that shouts, “Thank you for being the man!”.

But this is easier said than done. Finding the perfect gift for the man can get tricky. The generic ties and mugs just wouldn’t cut it.

Carpentry tools? Toys for the big boys? It’s tough, right? Any other ideas?

This Christmas, why don’t you give your dad or husband something special — something he doesn’t expect, but still shows how much you care for him.  Read more


Costume Parties Harm Skin – Here’s How to Keep Them Healthy

Halloween, All’s Hallows Eve or All Saint’s Eve is here. You hang spooky decors in your house and plan something surprising (hopefully scary) for your costume.

Makeup for this occasion is thicker and more aggressive than usual. This may also require putting colors on some of your body parts to make the whole get-up a mind-blowing one.

Makeup and paint are difficult to remove after a costume party, especially if you use greasy makeup. Redness and irritation may occur and it can be a party pooper.

Here are some tips so you won’t have to deal with unsightly skin blemishes after your costume party. Read more


Healthy Halloween Treats – Organic Candies

Trick-or-treating is one event which kids love and enjoy to do during Halloween. They love dressing up into different costumes, doing face painting and applying scary makeup.

Children are very excited to hop from one house to another, doing tricks or collecting candy treats. Speaking of candy treats, every year you usually prepare candies just bought from nearby grocery stores or candy shops to avoid any hustle-bustle during halloween. Read more


How Nutritious is Black Rice

Oryza sativa or commonly known as rice, has different varieties – most popular ones are white rice, brown rice and red rice. The rare type is the black rice.

Black rice is an ancient grain in Asian countries. It is known as the forbidden rice, because way back  in China thousands of years ago, only the emperor or wealthy families could eat black rice. Read more

Heavenly Benefits of Devil’s Claw

Devil’s claw is a type of an herb with a botanical name of Harpagophytum procumbens. The name “Devil’s claw or Devil’s claw root” was derived from the appearance of its fruit, which is covered with hook-like structures meant to catch animals in order to spread its seeds. Thus, most Greeks called it ‘Hook Plant’. Read more


Vervain, the Healing Herb

Vervain is a verstile herb. It belongs to Verbenacea plant family with a botanical name of Verbena officinalis.

Others call it with names like Juno’s Tears, Pigeon’s Grass, Wild Verbena or Wild Hyssop. Other varieties of vervain are Verbena Hastata (blue vervain) and Verbena Urticifolia (white vervain).

Vervain is native to the Mediterranean region in Europe, but grows wildly on bare and dry grounds often along roadsides. It is a slim plant with hairy leaves alternatively arranged in a square-like stem and with a beautiful lilac-colored flowers. Read more


Baby Wipes Safety and How to Make Homemade Natural Wipes

Baby wipes are mothers’ bestfriend!

As the name implies, they are commonly used to clean babies. They are very handy, easy to use and so economical.

True indeed that these baby wipes are so convenient to use, especially when you’re always on the go, but you must still scrutinize every ingredient included in these wipes.

You have to bear in mind that baby skin is super sensitive and even the so-called “baby-safe” wipes might cause skin allergic reaction. Read more


6 Immediate All Natural Remedies for Fever

Actually, having fever is considerably a ‘good’ thing. It usually goes away within a few days.

But then again, fever can make you feel uncomfortable and weak. And most of you want to be relieved from it, as soon as possible to feel better.

Usually, you would take over-the-counter antipyretic meds to stop the fever. But you should know that there are other remedies which are safer and they are just right in your kitchen. Read more


Top 6 Health-Risk Substances in Cosmetics

Wearing makeup has become an everyday routine by most people, especially women. Various techniques and styles were applied to enhance the features of the face. The goal is to look attractive — it’s a no-brainer.

Beauty comes at a price, and we’re not talking about the monetary expense of make-up. But the potential dangers to your health. Read more


All About Bra Size – Why You Need to Have a Good-fitting Bra for your Health’s Sake

Most women buy bras for aesthetics. More often than not, women just want to look and feel sexy and bras are women’s favorite item to use for expressing their sexuality.

Women are especially partial to those which are made of lace, net and underwired. Unfortunately, women tend to buy wrongly-sized bras just to achieve a certain feel or look.

It is very important that you should pick the right bra size. At first, the size seems like not a big deal at all but the effectiveness is hugely dependent on the size.

Read more


Feminine Wash and Douching – Is it Safe?

Personal hygiene is synonymous with better health. It is probably the most effective way to protect yourself from any health problems — just be clean and you are good to go!

To add, having proper hygiene boosts your self-confidence and lessens your feeling of awkwardness in social circles.

One known personal hygiene habit of most women is douching. Read more