Costume Parties Harm Skin – Here’s How to Keep Them Healthy

Halloween, All’s Hallows Eve or All Saint’s Eve is here. You hang spooky decors in your house and plan something surprising (hopefully scary) for your costume.

Makeup for this occasion is thicker and more aggressive than usual. This may also require putting colors on some of your body parts to make the whole get-up a mind-blowing one.

Makeup and paint are difficult to remove after a costume party, especially if you use greasy makeup. Redness and irritation may occur and it can be a party pooper.

Here are some tips so you won’t have to deal with unsightly skin blemishes after your costume party.

Give Time to Prepare Your Skin
You usually don’t care or don’t have time to prepare your skin for the heavy make up or face paint session. You jump into your costume and makeup, you’re excited to head out to your party. You don’t really think of the consequences the next day.

If you care about your skin, always keep in mind that it is necessary to prepare your skin before the abuse you are going to subject it to. This cuts down facial irritation afterwards. Take time to exfoliate your skin with natural organic exfoliants. It will make your skin cleaner and smoother, which will make your halloween makeup application easier.

Use a Protective Base
Protective moisturizer prior to putting on makeup will give a protective barrier between your face and the costume makeup. You can also use a primer as a base layer, to prevent any makeup leftover stain.

Mineral foundation as a base layer is essential if you are using makeup products made of questionable ingredients.

Use Finishing Makeup Setting Spray
A lightweight finishing spray will keep your makeup in place, without fading and smudging. You won’t  need frequent retouches. This also protects your clothes from makeup smudges.

Remove Your Makeup Right After the Party
At the end of the Halloween night, no matter how tired you are, no matter how sleepy you are and how late you get home; clean your face and body — get rid of makeup. Use an oil-based cleanser prior to exfoliating and moisturizing.

For Your Kids
Kids  will not be doing tricks or or receive treats without their amazing makeups and costumes. However, additives in most makeups are harmful to your child’s delicate skin.

To enjoy a truly healthy Halloween with your children, consider using makeup with organic natural ingredients, without any unpleasant skin reaction the next day. Or better yet, prepare you own child’s face makeup to make sure you are not putting something toxic on your child’s skin.

Here are some non-toxic alternatives, and ingredients thatcan be found in your own kitchen:

Face Paint – White Base
2 tsp white vegetable shortening
5 tsp organic cornstarch
1 tsp white all-purpose flour

Mix shortening, cornstarch and flour until well blended. Add 3-4 drops of glycerin to make a cremier texture.

Face Paint – Any Color
1 tsp organic cornstarch
½ tsp filtered or bottled water
½ tsp cold cream
2 drops food coloring (any desired color)

Mix together all ingredients. Alter the consistency by adding water (thinner) and cornstarch (thicker).

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