Darkening of Lips – Causes and Natural Remedies

Yes,it’s a no-brainer, having soft,smooth and pinkish or rosy lips enhances a woman’s beauty. In fact, many women spend a lot to purchase different lip products to maintain the beauty of their lips.

Lip discoloration, usually unnatural darkening of the lips is not appealing even to people with naturally darker skin pigmentation. So it is not uncommon for women who have discolored darker lips to undergo various treatments to lighten them.

Causes of Lip Darkening

The problem with pigmented or dark discoloration of lips is rather common, and this is caused by various reasons:

Unhealthy Lifestyle – cigarette smoking, drinking caffeinated beverages, stress, vitamin deficiency, and having poor or unbalanced diet

Sun Exposure – increased amount of the pigment melanin in the lips causes the darkening of your lips during excessive exposure to direct sunlight

Low Quality Cosmetics – low quality cosmetics cause more havoc than help enhance your beauty; buy lip cosmetics with ingredients like shea butter, jojoba oil, clarified butter and Vitamin E from reputed brands

Genetic – lip blackening right from birth or due to hormonal imbalances are quite normal and there’s much nothing to do with that except if you really want to take some long-lasting remedies to have lighter lips

Other Causes – using chlorinated water, excessive fluoride use, chemotherapy, allergic reactions, lip sucking

Natural Remedies

There are several treatments you can choose to lighten your lips and get rid of its darkening. But before you indulge to any chemical treatments, here are some natural remedies which might work effectively for you:

Lemon has natural bleaching power that acts as lightening agent, peeling off the top layer and leaving lighter and pinkish lips.

Apply freshly-squeezed lemon on your lips before going to sleep and rinse with water the next morning. Repeat every night for a month or until results are visible.

Rose Petals
Rose gives a natural pink hue to the lips. It soothes and moisturizes irritated skin and lessens sun damage.

Rose Water-Honey Mixture – apply on your lips 3-4 times daily a drop of rose water and a few drops of honey

Olive Oil
Olive oil has many essential nutrients to make your lips vibrant and beautiful.

Simply apply a few drops on your lips before going to bed and massage gently.

Strawberries are fully loaded with anti-oxidants and helps prevent the destruction of collagen.

Strawberries-Baking Soda Mixture:  combine 5-6 crushed strawberries and 2 teaspoons of baking soda to make a paste, apply to dark lips during bedtime and rinse with water the next morning; repeat every night until obvious results could be seen

Almond has high amounts of Vitamins E and B, fatty acids and anti-oxidants.

Almond Powder-Fresh Milk  Cream(adds moisturization) Mixture – whipped almond powder and fresh cream to make a paste, apply and gently massage on lips for 3-4 minutes; let it dry for 4-5minutes and rinse with water, repeat daily until results are evident

Sugar works as exfoliating agent. It removes dead skin cells, exposing new and rosy lips.

Sugar-Butter or Olive Oil Mixture – mix 3 teaspoons of sugar and 2 teaspoons butter or olive oil, apply gently on lips for 3-4 minutes; do this remedy for 2-3 times weekly


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