Miraculous mood balancing flower essences

It took me quite a while to grasp the idea of what flower essences are and what they do. I’m going to condense what I learned into a couple of teeny paragraphs so that (hopefully) it articulates what makes our infusions so unique and precious. I’ve read countless books on all kinds of natural therapies from light and sound therapy to Ayurvedic medicine. I find them all fascinating, but the allure of flower essence therapy and the beauty of flowers and essential oils pulled me in like a riptide.


Flower essences are one of the simplest and most direct ways of changing emotional outlook. A particular flower is harvested, diluted with water and left in the sun before being strained. What remains is a liquid energetic tincture, which contains the healing properties of the certain plant. No physical part of the flower is used. The specifically chosen flower essences used by Flora Remedia were originally discovered in the 1930’s by Dr. Edward Bach and are still today meticulously hand collected in the European countryside.

Our products are very unique because we mix these flower essences with therapeutic and aromatic essential oils so our infusions work on a mind body level. Each product has had every ingredient mulled over and over by me (it took about 1 year to finalize ingredients). The result is 6 infusions which are convenient and easy to use, each corresponding with a different stat of mind as indicated on the packaging… so you can choose the way you feel.

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