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Painful Ovulation – Natural Remedies and Prevention

Every month, when you ovulate, you may feel a twinge in your lower abdomen on either left or right side which to some, radiates up to the anus. This is a sign that you’re ovulating.

Ovulation period is helpful for those who’s trying to get pregnant, and also helps you to plan when not to engage in intercourse if you don’t want to have a baby for the next nine months.

You’re fortunate if you don’t feel any ovulation pain like some women do. Sometimes, this keeps some women from doing the most menial tasks because of such pain and discomfort.

This occurrence of having pain during ovulation is called mittelschmerz, a German word which means, “middle pain.”

Your doctor would recommend over-the-counter meds like Advil or Motrin to help you with your mid-cycle cramping. But if you don’t want to take unnecessary meds in your body, here are some natural ways to cope with painful ovulation, and some prevention tips to alleviate the symptoms. Read more

Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is here.

You are probably wondering what to give or what to do on her special day. Your mom or wife deserves something special — something that she will appreciate. Several things come to mind – DIY, creative gifts, or tickets to a show.

So many choices, you feel stressed and unsettled.

To lessen your burden, here’s a bunch of interesting ideas: Read more