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Our clean beauty range

Flora Oils

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It’s our aim to enrich lives by offering transformative clean beauty products, containing effective ingredients which not only make you look your best, but also help you feel your best. It’s your skin’s answer to meditation and a way to work in harmony with nature.

Flora Oils
Flora Makeup

Flora Makeup

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Our clean makeup works in harmony with nature to enhance your natural beauty and enrich your skin and spirit. We infuse Australian botanicals and essential oils throughout all our clean makeup. This gives you a product that not only enhances natural beauty, but gives you one that your skin will love you for.

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  • This is how we want to spend our long weekend ✨ #nature
  • The perfect lip is super easy with our precise shaped lip pens. Our classic red has is cinnamon flavor and our pinky nude is mint πŸ’„ our coffee lip exfoliating stock removes all the dead skin off your lips to ensure a smooth application πŸ’•
  • ✨ We think that one of the reasons humans are fascinated with looking into the sky is because it makes us feel so small ✨
  • After a crazy Easter week of work - this is how we feel like spending our Friday night... who wants to come with us?😍 image via pinterest
  • We love the benefits oils have. Not just essential oils, but also plant based oils like sunflower and grape seed which nourish and feed your skin. You can find them in our detox body oil πŸ’•