Total detox. Reduced cellulite and water retention
with the added benefit of feel good flower essences

Detoxing Body Oil


Treatment to help your hair grow faster and
become more shiny, luscious and healthy

Lavender Hair Oil


Use for a stuffy head cold and when traveling in planes.
Refreshing and cleansing with strong hints of
lemongrass and eucalyptus

Immunity Treatment


Soothing and centering, balancing towards moods.
Assists in letting go of unnecessary persistent
thought patterns and behaviors.

Let Go Treatment


Assists in helping you to rest and encourage sleep.
Comforting, warm and relaxing scent with
flower essences to help you sleep.

Sleep Treatment


What they’ve said about us

“I now know what I’ll be packing in my hand luggage every time when I travel. Immunity!” – Jess

“Your products are so beautiful, everything from the packaging to the contents is absolutely divine.” – Chloe

“Used the oil on my temples because I have a cold and it’s really helped clear me up which is awesome!” – Isabella

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About Flora Remedia

At Flora Remedia, we base our oil therapy method (OTM) products on the concept of the healing energy found in nature and the ritual of self-care. We don’t make ordinary products. Our infusions are made to work on a physical and emotional level. We use specific blends of emotion balancing flower essences.