Self care. Natural beauty. Balance.

Taking care of yourself is incredibly important for your overall health. Your outer appearance is a massive indicator as to how you treat and care for yourself, as well as your age and lifestyle.

Your emotional health is just as important. Physical and emotional health work hand in hand. That’s why we design our products to work on a mind body level. We use specific and highly researched natural ingredients and then combine them with emotion balancing flower essences to give you a totally transformative mind-body experience.

Each of our products have specific purposes and unique benefits including;

Calming and de-stressing (Calm roll on)
Cleansing and preventing sickness (Immunity roll on)
Energizing (Uplifting roll on)
Stopping worry (Let Go roll on)
Slimming and detoxing (Detoxing Body Oil)
Promoting healthy hair (Lavender Hair Treatment)

Our transformative products give you a total day spa experience where you emerge looking and feeling your best.

We are Australian made and owned, totally natural, vegan friendly and never test on animals.