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What are flower essences?
Flower essences have been used for thousands of years by ancient cultures. They are self-adjusting liquids and work with an individual on an emotional level. They are completely odorless and not the same as essential oils. A particular flower is harvested, diluted with water and left in the sun. This is strained with the infused water creating a tincture. No physical part of the flower is used. A liquid energetic tincture remains, containing the energetic healing properties of the plant. The specifically chosen flower essences used by Flora Remedia were originally discovered in the 1930’s. They are still today hand collected in the European countryside.

How do Flora Remedia products work?
Our products work on a mind-body level. The integration of the healing benefits of aromatherapy and botanicals work to help balance our emotional state and make you your most healthy and beautiful.

What are Essential Oils?
Essential oils are completely natural compounds that form as part of the structure of aromatic plants. They are distilled from roots, leaves and flowers. Essential oils are very precious with many millions of jasmine petals used to fill one small bottle of jasmine oil.

What can I use if I am pregnant?
There are no official rules on essential oils and pregnancy so you’re using at your own discretion. We suggest avoiding all oils during the first trimester and always using diluted oils after that (all our oils are diluted). Our makeup also contains small amount of oils which you can use freely.

Does Flora Remedia test on Animals?
We have never tested nor will we ever test any of our products or ingredients on animals. Our suppliers also do not test on animals.

Are you vegan?
We are vegan aside from the beeswax used in our Illuminating and Bronzing wands. Some vegan’s don’t mind beeswax but it’s totally up to you.

How do I use to get the most benefits from your oil based products?
The best way to experience essential oil and flower essence benefits is through a combination of inhalation and absorption through the skin. When essential oils are inhaled through the nose, tiny nerves send an immediate signal to the brain. They go straight to work on the systems that moderate our minds and bodies. When applied to the skin, their healing components are absorbed into the bloodstream. Then they disperse to the specific organs and systems on which they work.

Is Flora Remedia an Australian owned company?
Flora Remedia is 100% Australian owned. We are based in Melbourne, Victoria. 100% of products are manufactured in Australia.

How often should I reapply my aromatherapy roll on?
Flora Remedia products are unique as each person synergises them at a different rate. As soon as it starts to wear off or you need a ‘pick me up’ you know to reapply. The directions for our body and hair oil can be found on the packaging.

As with all products that will be used on your skin it is wise to do a patch test prior to use. In the extremely rare event of any irritation wash the skin and discontinue use. Some essential oils are not recommended for use during pregnancy, breastfeeding or serious illness. Our flower essences are preserved in brandy meaning that each product contains a tiny trace of alcohol –  1/8 drop per product maximum.