Tamari – A Gluten-free Condiment

If  you’re a foodie and you love to add more flavor to your food, then you may already have known about this liquid condiment — the Tamari soy sauce.

Tamari is known for its smooth flavor and versatility. It is a popular gluten-free soy sauce alternative. It is healthier compared to the regular soy sauce you usually use in your recipes.


Apart from the things mentioned, it is less likely to contain additives. It has significant protein content, is rich in antioxidants, and has been considered staple ingredient in many cuisines all over the world.

Tamari is gaining popularity and will continue to trend in the following years.

Where does it come from?

Tamari is produced through the fermentation of soybeans. It has little to no wheat added during the process. This is a suitable option for those on vegan diet.

Tamari originated in Japan and is considered as Japan’s original soysauce. In Japan, it is commonly known as “miso-damari”, for the reason that it is produced during miso fermentation.

Tamari’s Potential Benefits and Why they are Good for You

  1. No Wheat and Gluten

This is one of the biggest benefits of Tamari especially for those following a gluten-free diet, like people with Celiac’s disease.

This will help ease gastrointestinal symptoms and prevent digestive irritation. It stimulates better absorption of nutrients and lowers risk of vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

  1. No Additives

Tamari contain only the minimum of ingredients which are good for the health. It is almost only water, soybeans and salt. It is unlikely to contain extra additives like preservatives and food flavorings.

  1. High in Protein

Tamari’s protein content doubles the amount of a regular soy sauce – 2 grams per one tablespoon serving. It can bump up your protein intake overtime.

Protein helps in muscle build-up and strengthening, weight control. It can also help keep your skin, bones, and joints healthy; and its very essential for tissue repair.

Moreover, protein stimulates the production of your hormones and enzymes necessary for body functions.


  1. High Antioxidant Levels

Tamari contains a good amount of manganese, an important mineral to reduce the risk of conditions like cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and autoimmune diseases.

Manganese plays an important role also in combating free radicals and prevent oxidative stress to avoid cell damage.

  1. Tamari in Holistic Medicine

The soybeans in Tamari sauce are thought to have a cooling effect and are believed to enhance detoxification by promoting regular and easy urination.

Be careful with your intake though, as Tamari contains a higher amounts of sodium which is not good for the kidneys.

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