Testimonials and Reviews

I received them just before flying to Bali and I’ve taken the immunity roll on with me – it’s been amazing! I love it so much and the eucalyptus is wonderful.
– Aubrey

Your products are so beautiful, everything from the packaging to the contents is absolutely divine.
– Chloe

Used the oil on my temples because I have a cold and it’s really helped clear me up which is awesome!!
– Isabella

They smell incredible… thank you so much!
– Natasha

The calm perfume is amazing!!
– Hannah

I tried them out and love them 🙂
– Sally

When I opened them, they smelt so incredibly beautiful!
– Rebecca

They smell so good I want to eat them!
– Hannah

We absolutely ADORE them! They are oh so beautiful!
– Carla and Emma

I absolutely love love love the products
– Lisa

So helpful! Really is the perfect pocket size pick me up!
– Lara

I smell like a field of flowers and I feel amazin’!
– Tess

I now know what I’ll be packing in my hand luggage every time when I travel… Immunity!
– Jess

The detoxing body oil is like a detox in a bottle. It keeps me feeling slim and it nourishes my skin so well – I have sensitive skin and haven’t reacted to any of these products!
– Mel

My family and I have been loving the uplifting essence as well as the gorgeous face mist
– Madeleine L

Loving the lavender hair treatment, I’m using it before bed to get a nice relaxing sleep and Iwake up with nourished hair.
– Larissa